About Majestic Oak

Majestic Oak LRP, is a small friends-and-family company running live roleplaying games.

The company was formed in May 2005 by Jonathan Ely and Emma King. When they started the company Emma and Jonathan had between them over 25 years of live role playing experience, playing, assisting with and, in Jonathan's case, also reffing other systems. Finding that no system offered them quite the LRP experience they were looking for they decided to run their own and created Majestic Oak LRP. They rapidly discovered they would need help running their games so recrutied other experienced roleplaying friends to lend a hand.

Majestic Oak's first system was the Bladelands Chronicles, an old-skool high-fantasy LRP with lots of linears and plenty of combat which is still running today. Since then Majestic Oak have also run a number of one-off games in a variety of other genres, and have more in the pipeline, with a new campaign called The Vale being launched in 2014.

Our VAT registration number is 183 7611 90 (effective from 1 March 2014).

Majestic Oak LRP's Best of Volume 1 photoset Majestic Oak LRP's Best of Volume 1 photoset
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