The Bladelands Chronicles

Welcome to The Bladelands Chronicles, a high fantasy, high combat, old-skool LRP game with lots of linears and plenty of combat. Bladelands is a small scale PvE system designed for up to about 40 players per event.

Within these pages you will discover myths and legends, short stories and tall tales of those who have left their homelands and travelled to the edge of the known world to reach the islands known as the Bladelands. Each travel for their own reasons. Some seek wealth, adventure, fame and fortune in these mysterious lands. Others flee a past they would rather forget, or a future they do not wish to face.

The journey is perilous, the dangers great, and many die before they reach these enchanted shores, but for those who make the journey a fabulous land awaits. The Bladelands are a magical place, filled with wonders never guessed at in the rest of the known world; but with such great wonders also comes great peril. The local tribes are savage and there are many magical beasts who would view an unwary traveller as a tasty morsel, but the most widely known danger of the Bladelands are the Bladestorms, from which the islands take their name. No large force of creatures, be they men or beasts, may gather together with hostile intent, for if they do a Bladestorm will descend, slaughtering all in its path.

You can learn much about the Bladelands in the pages of these chronicles; its wonders, its dangers, and stories of those who have trod its wild shores. Perhaps one day the lure of the Bladelands will tempt you to join them....

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