Rules & Mechanics

On this page you can download the rules and game mechanics which govern the Bladelands Chronicles games. Most players should only need to read the world background, core rules, and the appendices which relate to skills they have chosen. Some further information is available for those playing specific characters, such as sorcerers, which is not publically available - contact the refs to request additional information which may be relevant to your character.

Version 3:

All Rules Documents & World Background (v3, Zip file, ~7Mb)

Individual rules documents:

Core Rules & Mechanics (v3.2, PDF, ~800kb)
World Background (v3.1, PDF, ~1.4Mb)
Apothecary (v3.1, PDF, ~540kb)
Arms & Armour Mastery (v3.1, PDF, ~400kb)
Crafting (v3.2, PDF, ~430kb)
Foraging (v3.1, PDF, ~420kb)
Lock & Trap Skills (v3.1, PDF, ~470kb)
Priests & Priestly Abilities (v3.1, PDF, ~480kb)
Prospecting (v3.1, PDF, ~400kb)
Psychic Characters (v3.1, PDF, ~460kb)
Psychic Powers (v3.1, PDF, ~440kb)
Sorcery (v3.1, PDF, ~480kb)
Spells (v3.1, PDF, ~550kb)
Surgery & Medical Treatment (v3.2, PDF, ~440kb)

Additional extra document, for those playing mages only: Spell Book Tables (v3.1, PDF, ~149kb)

Character Creation & Advancement

Rules for character creation and advancement can be found in the core rules document. One of our players has written an online tool to help you create and manage your characters, which you can find at - please note this tool is still in BETA, and is maintained by a player; as such it may not be completely up to date, and data may get lost, so while it is very helpful, use with care!

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