A Call To Arms

In the name of our King, his most royal majesty King Edric Shadowbane, sovereign monarch of the Kingdom of Elland, beloved champion of the gods, ruler of the lands north of the Styric, draw near and hear. It is our will that our most loyal and beloved subject, her grace, Elsbeth, Duke of Tarren is hereby granted our patent royal with all attendant rights to exploit the discovery of the wise and knowledgeable Guild of Mages in their discovery of the place known as the Vale.

The discovery of the mystical paths to the Vale present us with a great opportunity: the potential to turn the tide of war against our despised foes, the so called “Great Khan” and his foul servants and the undead abominations.

Our heralds will be seeking persons of diverse ability to be present in the royal expedition lead by her grace to explore and lay claim to the riches of this land: warriors to protect the expedition from whatever hazards are encountered; those skilled in the magical arts to decipher the mysteries of this magical place and men and women of faith to protect against the taint and influence of the evil of the demons; guild members to exploit and utilise the resources of the Vale and create new devices which our forces will use to smite our enemies.

We have sent word to our royal allies and we have invited all members of the new Human Alliance to put aside our historic disagreements and send their finest to join our royal expeditionary force. We have called upon the Grand Theocrat, speaker of the gods, to send members of the priesthood lead by a Hierophant to safeguard the souls of those brave enough to pass through the magical gateway. We have sent word to the patricians of the Shieldlands seeking the advice and aid of their greatest wise men and the skills of their most powerful warriors. We have written to the lords of the Northlands and we shall welcome a delegation of fierce and noble warriors and liegemen from their icy lands.

May the gods protect us and bring us victory over their enemies.

Long Live the King!

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