A Call To Arms

Draw near and hear my words, the words of your Great Khan leader of all the free peoples by reason of his skill and might in battle.

We are free and we will stay free. Never again will we be thrown into chains by the oppression of those who would seek to enslave us. We are strong and we will stand before this invading force of humans with their knights and their gods. We have the strength of the demons on our side. We have opened he way to this place of magic to allow us to take what we need to beat the threat of the humans from our world. We will go through this gateway and crush any opposition that we find.

Gather you warriors and your warlocks, your shaman and hunters and come to the gateway stone to be counted among the worthy. All of us are needed. We cannot ignore the need for any skill, everything must be in place. To the Tinker Clan of the Pitt, I say this to you. Your Khan needs your service To the Mountain Kin-bands I say bring your rage and your strength prove that you are the mightiest of my warriors. I call the Clans of the River to send their most cunning, their most deceptive and their most cut throat members to serve in the name of freedom and strength. Leave your barges and corsairs and come to the gateway to be tested with your brothers. To my own clans of the plains I call all riders of wolf together in this place to be the body of my horde. Bring your hunters, bring your mystics and medicine men and we will deny the lords of the human lands any of the gifts that they seek to plunder.

Our allies are many. Some unseen like the demons, others stand physically beside us. The Unliving has sent us his Voice, Lord Mortem to summon minions and necromancers. The undead will march with us and we will be stronger for it.

In strength and freedom, warriors of the Orclands hear the words of the Great Khan

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"Every oak tree started out as a couple of nuts who decided to stand their ground" - Anon