World Background

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The Vale is set in a late pseudo-medieval fantasy world. You will find cultures from the dark ages like the Northmen and the Plains Orcs, through the medieval period like the Kingdom itself, to the early renaissance period with cultures like the River Goblins and the remnants of the Republic of Quadac.

The Known World

The known world changed ten years ago with the coming of the cataclysm and the days of fire. The Republic of Qadac has been destroyed and the last bastions of humanity are the Kingdom, the Theocracy and the Northlands. Fortunately the Orclands have fared little better, nor have the lands of the undead.



Vale World Map
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Vale Borders Map
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The Vale

The Vale cannot be found on the map of the world. No one knows where it is physically located, unless it is the gods or the demons or perhaps the masters of the Guild of Mages.

The Vale is a place of tremendous magical energy. It is this that creates the large deposits of special, magical minerals and ores and the magically imbued plant and animal life. It is also this that makes it possible to create the special equipment that the Guildsmen and Tinker Clan produce.

Unfortunately, most of the time the Vale is rent by dangerous magical energies which makes it impossible to live there. Instead representatives of the Kingdom and the Great Khan send expeditions to the Vale for the short periods of time that it is accessible.

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