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Mar 8, 2016
Wiki Index
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    Welcome to the Vale, a competitive Player Vs Player Vs Environment live-action roleplaying game built around competition for resources in a post apocalyptic high fantasy world.

    The Vale is set in a world which is torn apart by war. Twelve years ago the cataclysm took place: fire rained down from the sky, the ground trembled and bucked mountains rose and fell. When people came out of the places where they had been taking refuge they discovered a very different world to the one they had known. The landscape had changed forever.

    They also discovered that their world had been invaded by enemy forces. The humans and their beastkin allies are servants of the gods and sworn to destroy the demon worshipping orcs and their allies the Undead. The orcs and their goblin allies feel the same way about the humans who they view as enslaved by the gods while the demons are powerful beings that they trade with honestly (if carefully).

    The Vale is a magical place where it is possible to obtain great magics for the war effort. Each side sends regular expeditions to this place to recover these resources and to deny them to the enemy. Players come into this world on one side or other of the conflict either in the Duchess’ camp with the humans and beastkin or in the Khan’s camp with the orcs, goblins and Undead.

    The two alliances; The Orc Khanate and the Northern Alliance, gather their forces to enter the land which has the potential to change the tide of war: Rich in mysterious crystals, ores, resins and powders which allow powerful weapons to be produced, new research to be undertaken, and bargains fulfilled to those that have been promised them.

    Whether you be human, orc, goblin, elf, beastkin, Chosen of the Gods, Possessed by the Demons, a monstrous Abomination, a terrifying Dire Beastkin, or one of the unliving armies; your alliance needs you to find the resources which will end the war one way or the other.

    Which alliance will you declare allegiance to? Can you bring about economic or political change to your faction? Or is it rulership you really wish? Perhaps your eyes are set on a bigger prize; godhood itself? Or do you just want recognition for the work you have done?

    Who will you join?
    Northern Alliance
    (Duke's Camp)
    Will you join the Human, Beastkin, Dire Beastkin,
    Elves, Chosen, and their new allies the People
    to fight against the Orc Khanate?
    Orc Khanate
    (Khan's Camp)
    Will you join the Orks, Goblins, Abominations,
    Haiesti, Possessed, and their allies the Unliving
    to fight against the Northern Alliance?

    The choice is yours!

    Click on the camp for relevant information.

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